KK#0079 KidKraft Deluxe Fire Rescue Set

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小男孩一定喜愛呢套豪華版木製消防局玩具套裝 共有27件組件 小朋友有排玩 包括傢俱, 救護車, 消防車, 直昇機, 消防員等 幾個小朋友一齊玩都得!!!

KK#0079 KidKraft Deluxe Fire Rescue Set
– 尺寸: 31.25″ x 18.5″ x 24.75″
– 共有27件組件 包括傢俱, 救護車, 消防車, 直昇機, 消防員等
– 附有清晰說明, 自行組裝

Your little heroes will love the KidKraft Deluxe Fire Rescue Set. With 27 pieces, there is always plenty to do. The accessory kit includes furniture, an ambulance and fire truck, helicopter, bendable firefighters and more. The sturdy wooden construction means this is a safe and sturdy playset, ideal for any kid who wants to save the day.

  • Bendable firefighters
  • Garage with ambulance and fire truck
  • Large enough that multiple children can play at once
  • Sturdy wood construction
  • Includes detailed step-by-step assembly instructions



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