KK#0031 KidKraft Sweet Sorbet Kitchen 甜心小廚木製玩具櫥櫃

$ 799


KK#0031 KidKraft Sweet Sorbet Kitchen 甜心小廚木製玩具櫥櫃


- 顏色絢麗,小女孩的最愛。
- 小朋友廚房套裝, 仿照真實廚房而製, 包括: 煮食爐, 焗爐, 微波爐, 洗碗盤及廚櫃
所有的門都可開關, 煮食爐的按紐可轉動

配有清晰詳細的組裝說明書, 父母組裝寶貝幫忙, 享受親子時光的同時培養孩子的動手
全部用上優質木製, 最啱俾鍾意扮小廚師既小朋友玩, 小朋友玩得開心, 媽咪放心
尺寸為23.75″L   x  13.5″W  x  35.5″H
原裝美國正貨, 美國進口

Let’s cook up some fun! The Sweet Sorbet Kitchen is a one-of-a-kind toy that young girls are sure to love. This wooden play kitchen is super sturdy and was designed to last for years and years. Parents will love the smart storage options, which help keep bedrooms tidy and organized.
- Oven and microwave open and close
- See-through doors on oven and microwave
- Three storage hooks under the microwave
- Molded plastic burners – they look so real
- Removable sink for quick and easy cleaning
- Knobs that turn on the oven and sink
- Convenient storage above and below the sink 
- Large enough that multiple children can play at once
- Made of composite wood materials





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